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Music Department Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is designed to develop well-rounded musical leaders while simultaneously allowing each student to experience a broad exposure to music study within a liberal arts context. The program may be pursued alone or may be easily combined with other majors and minors. It is primarily designed for those students who wish to combine a more extensive study of music with degree studies in other fields such as Pre-Med, business, psychology, or history. After completing a core of required courses, students may elect to pursue a set of music electives of their own choosing. Students within the program will work with a faculty advisor to design a selection of courses that will lead to a senior capstone project that may combine their work in music with another field of study.

The major’s design allows one the opportunity to discover your interests in the varied fields of music creation and scholarship or to explore music’s intersection with interests in other fields of study. Admission each year is based on previous academic success, a performance audition, and a personal interview. This program can help you discover music’s important role and become a successful musician and leader, regardless of the desired career path.

Degree Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MUSC 111 Music Theory I 3 hours
MUSC 112 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUSC 141 Keyboard Skills I 1 hour
MUSC 142 Keyboard Skills II 1 hour
MUSC 171 Aural Skills I 1 hour
MUSC 172 Aural Skills II 1 hour
MUSC 211 Music Theory III 3 hours
MUSC 212 Music Theory IV 3 hours
MUSC 271 Aural Skills III 1 hour
MUSC 272 Aural Skills IV 1 hour
MUSC 330 Music History I 3 hours
MUSC 331 Music History II 3 hours

  • Electives

Elective study may be drawn from any course offered in music (excluding MUSC 101, 110 & 150) for which the student fulfills prerequisite requirements.

6 credit hours

  • One Course

Non-music fine arts

3 credit hours

  • Applied Study

2 credit hours—MUSC 151
2 credit hours—MUSC 251
2 credit hours—MUSC 351

6 credit hours

  • Additional requirements

8 hours of an approved ensemble. The student is required to participate in a major ensemble every semester of enrollment. MUSC 16x.
MUSC 105Recital Attendance is required each semester of enrollment (normally 8 semesters).
Piano Proficiency—Each student is required to pass a piano proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Keyboard Skills.
Aural Skills Proficiency—Each student is required to pass an aural skills proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Aural Skills.
Senior CapstoneMUSC 485.