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Music Department Degrees

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

Performance opportunities abound for Marietta College students, who work in a close, collegial relationship with their professors. Our music faculty members are known regionally, nationally, and internationally as performers and scholars who are committed to quality in every endeavor.

The Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance is a selective program designed to allow students to pursue in-depth professional study within a challenging liberal arts environment. Its coursework is designed to guide each student to a better understanding and mastery of their vocal instrument in an environment that provides the individual attention needed to develop both technical and interpretative skills. The program also includes a strong emphasis on the study of vocal pedagogy (the teaching of singing) and other skills necessary to develop and manage a successful portfolio career as an artist.

The major requires a broad range of courses designed to prepare students for graduate school and work in the profession. In addition to its core music courses, performance students lay a foundation for their future careers through multiple courses in foreign language diction, vocal literature, acting, and a sequenced study of vocal pedagogy that concludes with supervised teaching in our community music program. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to develop their performance skills through frequent recitals, an opera scenes program, full-stage productions, and a large variety of choral ensembles.

Designed to allow you the opportunity to explore your own unique creative impulse, the major also builds technical skills and musical knowledge in a highly personalized environment. Admission each year is based on previous academic success, a performance audition, and a personal interview. At Marietta College you will find a community within a challenging liberal arts environment that includes frequent individual contact with active performers and scholars, abundant performance opportunities to help you become a successful musician, coursework that provides an in-depth knowledge of the vocal mechanism and its pedagogy to help you become a successful educator, and the skills and tools you need to become a leader in the music profession.

Degree Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MUED 110 Music Education Foundation 3 hours
MUSC 111 Music Theory I 3 hours
MUSC 112 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUSC 121 English and Italian Diction 1 hour
MUSC 122 French and German Diction 1 hour
MUSC 141 Keyboard Skills I 1 hour
MUSC 142 Keyboard Skills II 1 hour
MUSC 171 Aural Skills I 1 hour
MUSC 172 Aural Skills II 1 hour
MUSC 211 Music Theory III 3 hours
MUSC 212 Music Theory IV 3 hours
MUSC 241 Keyboard Skills III 1 hour
MUSC 242 Keyboard Skills IV 1 hour
MUSC 271 Aural Skills III 1 hour
MUSC 272 Aural Skills IV 1 hour
MUSC 303 Beginning Conducting 2 hours
MUSC 312 Orchestration & Arranging 2 hours
MUED 321 Introduction to Vocal Pedagogy 2 hours
MUED 325 Advanced Vocal Pedagogy 2 hours
MUSC 330 Music History I 3 hours
MUSC 331 Music History II 3 hours
MUED 425 Pedagogy Practicum 2 hours

  • Two Semesters of each

MUSC 332 Special Topics in Vocal Literature (6 credit hours)
MUSC 362 Opera Workshop (2 credit hours)
The same foreign language—French or Spanish (8 credit hours)

  • Applied Study

2 credit hours—MUSC 151
2 credit hours—MUSC 251
4 credit hours—MUSC 351
4 credit hours—MUSC 451

Lessons must be taken every semester.

12 credit hours

  • Additional requirements

8 hours of an approved ensemble. The student is required to participate in a major ensemble every semester of enrollment. MUSC 16x.
MUSC 105Recital Attendance is required each semester of enrollment (8 semesters).
Recital Requirement—all majors are required to complete a 30-minute junior recital and a one-hour senior capstone recital (MUSC 485).
Piano Proficiency —Each student is required to pass a piano proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Keyboard Skills.
Aural Skills Proficiency—Each student is required to pass an aural skills proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Aural Skills.