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Music Department Degrees

Minor in Music

The minor in music is offered to students pursuing other fields of study but desiring an additional concentration in the field of music.

Degree Requirements

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
MUSC 111 Music Theory I 3 hours
MUSC 112 Music Theory II 3 hours
MUSC 171 Aural Theory I 1 hour
MUSC 172 Aural Theory II 1 hour
MUSC 303 Beginning Conducting 2 hours

  • Music History

One course, selected from the following:

MUSC 330 History of Music I
MUSC 331 History of Music II

3 credit hours

  • Elective Study

Elective study may be drawn from any course offered in music (excluding MUSC 101, 110 & 150) for which the student fulfills prerequisite requirements. Additional applied study or ensemble participation may also be used as elective credits.

3 credit hours

  • Applied Study

2 credit hours—MUSC 151
2 credit hours—MUSC 251

It is strongly advised that applied study be taken over four consecutive semesters.

4 credit hours