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The Edward E. MacTaggart Department of Music at Marietta College provides opportunities for the study and performance of music for all students, regardless of their major or field of interest. Marietta College students study and perform with an easily accessible music faculty who are actively involved in their field as scholars, performers, and clinicians. Whether you intend to major in music education, vocal performance, pursue liberal arts study in music, or simply wish for music to be an important part of your collegiate years, the department has opportunities for you.

Prospective Music Majors

Before applying to the Music Department at Marietta College, prospective music majors must submit a complete application to Marietta College. Upon acceptance to Marietta College, prospective majors should then complete the Music Department Application and Reference forms.

All prospective music majors are required to audition for admission to the music degree programs offered by Marietta College. This audition also serves as your application for a music scholarship. You may contact the music department by email or telephone (740-376-4696) to set up an audition. Please review the audition requirements for prospective music majors. The audition dates for students planning to enter in Fall 2018 are in the sidebar of this page.

Prospective Music Minors and Non-Majors

We invite you to apply for the Marietta College music scholarships. Marietta College offers renewable scholarships for talented students regardless of their intended major.

Auditions are held in January and February. If you are unable to audition on one of the specified audition dates, please contact the music department by email or telephone (740-376-4696) to set up an alternative audition time. Please review the audition requirements for your area of interest.